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Discover their new adventure!

Aria & Liam did it again! Discover their newest adventure, The Baker Street Mystery. Join Aria and Liam in this exciting adventure as they unravel a cryptic case to rescue the legendary Sir Arthur Conan Doyle!

Aria & Liam: The Baker Street Mystery book cover

When Aria and Liam join forces with the daughter of the renowned author Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, they find themselves in a race against the clock to prevent a perplexing and menacing scheme. However, as Doyle announces Sherlock Holmes’s comeback, he inexplicably disappears, catapulting our heroes into a labyrinth of concealed clues and elusive characters.

Aria & Liam

Join Aria & Liam on Thrilling Adventures across History!

Discover the thrilling Aria & Liam middle-grade book series, where time-travel adventures take best friends on captivating journeys through history. Join their action-packed quests, filled with bravery, wit, and heartwarming friendship. Perfect for adventurous kids aged 8 to 12! Each book can be enjoyed in any order, offering young readers the freedom to explore as they wish.

"In crafting the Aria & Liam series, my aim was to ignite a love for history in young readers, offering them a chance to discover the wisdom and life lessons embedded within. Their adventures, filled with laughter and companionship, reflect my personal philosophy—that life is a thrilling journey best shared with friends, and humor serves as a gentle, brightening spark amidst our challenges."

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Through relatable characters and thought-provoking storytelling, author Coline Monsarrat imparts valuable insights that ignite resilience, compassion, and the joy of self-discovery. Get ready to be enchanted!

One of the most empowering journey you will take.

Ready to conquer imposter syndrome? Dive into the transformative pages of You Are Not an Imposter! Part memoir, part guide, this transformative book delves into the psychological effects and empowering strategies to break free from self-doubt and embrace your true potential. Let Coline Monsarrat’s powerful journey inspire you on a path of authenticity and confidence.

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You Are Not an Imposter by Coline Monsarrat

What Readers Say About our Books

Liz Konkel
The Coded Papyrus
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The writing is delightful with details that will amuse children. The story also includes vocabulary that adds whimsy to the story as well as teaching middle-grade children a fun set of new words such as exuberant, ultimatum, quagmires, transcendent, nostalgic, gesticulating, meticulously, tyrannical, and cylindrical. The Coded Papyrus serves as a great resource to inspire children to love history through adventure, mystery, humor, and a delightful writing style.
Luwi Nyakansaila
Enigma in Rome
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What an adventure. Aria and Liam is an unusual book series that rewrites famous historical events. This is the second installment and it has an interesting premise. In this book, Aria and Liam visit ancient Roman monuments, immerse themselves in the culture, and meet famous historical figures. They also concoct crazy and funny ideas to get out of trouble and solve problems. The story also covers sensitive topics like bullying, parent-child relationships, the importance of education, and providing for the vulnerable in society. Caesar was targeted for assassination because he wanted to implement policies that would benefit the poor. This was a noble cause that both kids and adults should apply in their lives. What I loved the most about this book is the way Coline Monsarrat hid the identity of the mysterious mastermind of the assassination until the final chapters. Brilliantly written.
Amazon Reviewer
The Cursed Empress
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By reading "Aria & Liam: The Cursed Empress," by Coline Monsarrat, you will be taken on a wonderful and thrilling adventure to the heart of Atlantis. In this exciting story, young characters Aria and Liam go on a perilous mission to break a curse placed on the Empress of Atlantis. The narrative begins as Aria and Liam discover a crystal grotto during a furious sailing race. From then on, they are immersed in a realm filled with mysteries and ancient predictions. Deeper into their exploration of Atlantis, they are met by perilous currents, strange scientific experiments, and trickster species that were previously assumed to be extinct. Notable also is the way in which "Aria & Liam: The Cursed Empress" examines concepts like friendship, devotion, and the efficacy of good intentions. The unrelenting commitment Aria and Liam show to breaking the curse and restoring peace to Atlantis is a powerful reminder of the power of compassion and understanding in the face of adversity.
K.C. Finn
The Sun Disk
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This action-packed tale weaves together humor, history, and friendship as the duo relies on wit and unexpected alliances to alter the fate of an ancient civilization. Author Coline Monsarrat’s vivid storytelling and well-crafted characters immediately drew me into the thrilling world of Aria and Liam. The duo's courage and resourcefulness as they navigated dangerous situations added different dimensions to the plot as they each got their chance to shine, and the intriguing mix of ancient civilization and mystical elements was refreshing and original to explore. The seamless blending of history and fantasy made the book both educational and entertaining for young readers. One of the elements I particularly enjoyed was the emphasis on friendship, teamwork, and ingenuity, as it reinforced valuable life lessons for the target audience. Overall, Aria & Liam: The Sun Disk is a fantastic middle-grade adventure that transports readers on a thrilling quest filled with excitement and discovery, and I’d highly recommend it to young readers looking for an enthralling blend of history, adventure, and friendship.
Marie-Hélène Fasquel
You Are Not an Imposter
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You Are Not an Imposter by Coline Monsarrat is beautifully written and easy to read. It is divided into chapters that cover different aspects of imposter syndrome, such as its causes, symptoms, and how it can affect different areas of life. The author includes personal anecdotes that make the book so valuable and relatable, and case studies that illustrate the concepts she is helping us grasp. One of the most valuable things about this book is that it offers practical tips and strategies to help us overcome this condition. To a certain extent, I guess we all doubt ourselves, which is why this book is essential reading. I thank the author for sharing her wisdom with us and warmly recommend this guide.

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