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Aria & Liam with their friends in The Baker Street Mystery
Aria & Liam: The Baker Street Mystery book cover

The Baker Street Mystery

Get swept away into the foggy streets of London in ‘The Baker Street Mystery,’ where a baffling and cryptic adventure awaits Aria & Liam! As Aria and Liam team up with the daughter of the famous writer, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, they must race against time to save him from a mysterious and sinister plot. But when Doyle announces the return of Sherlock Holmes, he suddenly vanishes, plunging them into a world of hidden clues and shadowy figures. Could the mastermind behind it all be a rival author, a member of a secret society, or someone from London’s high society? With each chapter bringing a new surprise, Aria and Liam must use their smarts and bravery to crack the case and save Doyle before it’s too late.

Will they prove themselves as sharp as the legendary detective, or will they fall victim to the same fate? Don’t miss out on the twists and turns of ‘The Baker Street Mystery,’ perfect for young readers who love a heart-pumping mystery mixed with thrilling adventure.

Wow, talk about an adrenaline rush! I seriously thought we would not make it back. But amidst all the thrills, you know what really blew my mind? Getting an insider's peek into the book-writing process. Meeting one of my favorite authors was unreal! Being dyslexic, I used to think being an author was just a wild dream. But this crazy adventure flipped the script big time. It showed me that every difference is like a superpower in disguise, with its own set of perks and pitfalls. The real quest? Figuring out how to harness those perks and tackle those pitfalls head-on.


Geez, talk about a whirlwind of wackiness! I have to confess, I used to scratch my head at Aria's obsession with Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. I mean, sure, he penned some cool stories, but why the fuss, right? But guess what this wild ride taught me? You don't need a crown or a fancy title to shake up the world. Nope, turns out, whether you're scribbling stories like Doyle or doing something totally out there, you've got the power to make a real change in the world. So, listen up, fellow adventurers: Chase those passions like there's no tomorrow! Who knows? You might just end up flipping the script on the whole world.

As a longtime enthusiast of detective novels, I wanted to delve deeper into the genre with this book, particularly to spotlight how one author revolutionized an entire industry through his creation of the iconic character, Sherlock Holmes. My intention in crafting this narrative was to highlight the profound influence that individuals in various professions can wield upon our world.

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  • 1900’s England
  • ISBN (paperback): 978-1-959814-20-7
  • ISBN (ebook): 978-1-959814-21-4
  • Reading age: 8-12 years old

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