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Aria & Liam in The Druids' Secret with Merlin and Arthur
Aria & Liam: The Druids' Secret book cover

The Druids' Secret

Join Aria and Liam on an extraordinary adventure that begins unexpectedly at the Sportapalooza tournament.

Whisked away into an ancient, mystical forest, they encounter the legendary druid Merlin and a young, headstrong Arthur. Their mission? To recover the sword Excalibur and reshape the course of history.

Merlin unveils a startling secret: the Circle of Druids, England’s most powerful druidic society, has concealed Excalibur in a daring plot to prevent Arthur’s rise and crown Lancelot as king. Despite Arthur’s teenage rebellion and Merlin’s perplexing attitude, Aria and Liam soon realize their return to Sommetville hinges on helping this historic quest.

As they traverse an enchanted forest filled with perilous spells and bewildering riddles, the pair must outsmart the Circle of Druids, unravel a mysterious map’s secrets, and face unimaginable challenges. Will they decode the ancient enigmas and emerge unharmed from the forest’s dangers? Can they retrieve Excalibur and ensure Arthur claims the throne? Or will the Circle’s sinister schemes alter the future irrevocably?

Aria & Liam playing frisbee in "The Druids' Secret"
Aria & Liam in "The Druids' Secret"
Aria & Liam with Arthur in "The Druids' Secret"

"I am fascinated about how history often blends legends with reality. The enigmatic story of King Arthur and Merlin, a blend of myth and obscured truth, serves as a canvas. This book is not just a retelling of a famous legend; it's a narrative about the pitfalls of entitlement. My goal was to show that simply believing life owes you success, without the willingness to strive for it, leads to missed opportunities. Through this legend, I want to convey that the belief in being owed something by the world without personal effort is a sure path to unfulfillment. This book is a reflection on the importance of hard work and the danger of entitlement, teaching that true accomplishment comes from dedication, not just desire.”

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Available in paperback and ebook.

  • Medieval England
  • ISBN (paperback): 978-1-959814-15-3
  • ISBN (ebook): 978-1-959814-16-0
  • Reading age: 8-12 years old

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