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Leap into legend with Aria and Liam: A magical quest to recover Excalibur and reshape history!

Aria & Liam playing frisbee in "The Druids' Secret"

Embark on a fast-paced adventure with the latest addition to the beloved book series that has captivated the hearts of young readers worldwide. Coline Monsarrat’s “Aria & Liam: The Druids’ Secret” invites you to the magical realm of Merlin, where Arthur is not yet king and the fate of England is unsure. This gripping tale, published by Apicem Publishing and set to release on January 30th, 2024, is the newest standalone from the Aria & Liam book series, where humor, adventure, and fantasy collide.

During the Sportapalooza tournament, Aria and Liam are swept into an ancient, mystical forest, where they meet the enigmatic druid Merlin and the determined young Arthur. Charged with recovering the sword Excalibur, they uncover the Circle of Druids’ scheme to sabotage Arthur’s fate in Lancelot’s favor. In a forest brimming with deadly enchantments and enigmatic riddles, the duo must outwit the druids, decode a cryptic map, and face the extraordinary to rewrite history. But is the quest really as it seems?

This book is a gem for middle-grade readers, especially those aged 9 to 13 who enjoy adventure, fantasy, and humor. “The Druids’ Secret” is not just a reading experience—it’s an invitation to imagine and explore. 

Are you ready to discover the secret? Join Aria and Liam and find out what destiny has in store.

“Aria & Liam” is more than a book series; it’s a time-traveling adventure where history unfolds with a humorous twist. Aria and Liam face many challenges that test their bravery, wit, and friendship. As they confront unforeseen obstacles and square off against formidable enemies, their bond grows stronger, and their hilarious banter adds an extra layer of excitement to their exploits. Can these intrepid adventurers accomplish their missions and stay united in the face of danger? Only time will tell!

Each book stands alone, allowing readers to journey through time in any order, uncovering history’s treasures through laughter and friendship.

Coline Monsarrat breathes life into the past with her vibrant characters and vivid storytelling. Her dedication to blending humor with historical accuracy makes the Aria & Liam series a treasure for young readers seeking both adventure and knowledge.

“I am fascinated about how history often blends legends with reality. The enigmatic story of King Arthur and Merlin, a blend of myth and obscured truth, serves as a canvas. This book is not just a retelling of a famous legend; it’s a narrative about the pitfalls of entitlement. My goal was to show that simply believing life owes you success, without the willingness to strive for it, leads to missed opportunities. Through this legend, I want to convey that the belief in being owed something by the world without personal effort is a sure path to unfulfillment. This book is a reflection on the importance of hard work and the danger of entitlement, teaching that true accomplishment comes from dedication, not just desire.”

The Coded Papyrus: A thrilling Egyptian adventure.

Enigma in Rome: Save Caesar and face Rome’s hidden challenges.

The Cursed Empress: Navigate Atlantis’s secrets to break a powerful curse.

The Sun Disk: Race against time to save the Incas.

The Magical Chalice: Spooky thrills in Dracula’s realm.

The Great Christmas Rescue: An adventure into Santa’s realm to save Christmas.

Though each book is woven with its unique charm, they all celebrate the essence of adventure, friendship, and humor. Aria & Liam is a series of standalone middle-grade books allowing young readers to enjoy each adventure in any order they wish.

RRP (paperback): $9.99. Available at, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Apple, Kobo, Walmart, and more.

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From the quiet island of Sommetville to the echoing corridors of history, Aria and Liam have faced mysteries spanning eras, civilizations, and legends. Whether it’s outwitting ancient gods, unearthing Roman conspiracies, or sailing to lost civilizations, their adventures always come with a generous sprinkle of humor and a big dash of adventures.