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Middle-grade book series Aria & Liam in The Magical Chalice
Aria & Liam: The Magical Chalice

The Magical Chalice

This Halloween, Aria and Liam have ditched trick-or-treating for a spine-tingling escapade in Sommetville’s most notorious haunted house. Liam’s convinced he’ll stare Dracula down without flinching, while Aria rolls her eyes in playful skepticism. But neither expects actually to test their bravery against the real Count Dracula!

But their spine-chilling evening suddenly twists when they are whisked away to Wallachia, a realm under the sinister reign of Count Dracula himself.

In a frantic race against time featuring a high-speed sled race through shadowy forests and their delightful quarrels, Aria, Liam, and their furry companions, Pingo and Pippa, are on a daring mission. Their goal? Force Dracula to sip from the Magic Chalice, reverting him to human and freeing Wallachia from his dark clutches. But victory is uncertain, as not everyone in Wallachia wants them to succeed.

Will they manage to uncover Dracula’s deepest, darkest secret and save the long-suffering people of Wallachia? Will Aria and Liam be brave enough to face Dracula himself?

Hey everyone, it's Aria here! You'll never believe what we uncovered about Dracula during our adventure! Everyone in this region seriously thought he was a blood-sucking vampire because of some super old tales, but spoiler alert: he wasn't! It’s wild how a bunch of little stories and rumors can create this mega-frightening legend that everyone believes is 100% real and then everyone gets super scared of something that isn’t even true!


Liam popping in, folks! And oh boy, diving into the dark world of power and fear was a real eye-opener! We saw how some shifty characters totally manipulate people’s fright, like turning it into this tool to get heaps of power and control over everyone. It's messed up! It's kind of like, they build this tower of terror, and they stand on top, making them seem all mighty and unbeatable. But guess what? When we’re not scared anymore, their tower crumbles down! Stick together, and stand tall, mates!

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  • 15th Century Eastern Europe
  • ISBN: 978-1-959814-11-5
  • Reading age: 8-12 years old

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