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Mistletoe, Mischief, and Middle-Grade Marvels: Dive into Aria & Liam's Christmas Adventure!

Set off on ‘Aria & Liam: The Great Christmas Rescue,’ an enchanting middle-grade adventure by Coline Monsarrat, brought to you by Apicem Publishing. This winter, young readers will delight in following the intrepid pair Aria & Liam as they find themselves in a whimsical quandary that whisks them away to Santa’s magical village. Embarking on a mission filled with humor, friendship, and a dash of danger. Perfect for young readers (9-12), this standalone story combines historical intrigue with modern-day issues, offering more than just entertainment. It’s a holiday adventure that’s both a festive treat and a thought-provoking journey. Gift the magic of reading this Christmas!

Aria and Liam skiing

November 1st, 2023 – This festive season, tighten your sleigh belts and prepare to embark on an unforgettable sleigh ride of humor and adventure! Apicem Publishing presents Coline Monsarrat’s latest thrilling adventure, “Aria & Liam: The Great Christmas Rescue,” a winter wonderland tale set against the backdrop of Santa’s enchanting village.

As the winter chill settles, embark on a festive journey where two adventurous best friends are the world’s only hope to save Christmas!

Embark on a Christmas Quest:

Aria & Liam are back; this time, it’s not just about another adventure – it’s about saving Christmas itself! Following an unintended ski jump mishap, our dynamic duo finds themselves in the North Pole’s very heart, home to the legendary Santa Claus. However, Santa is in danger, and Christmas is under a shadow of uncertainty. As they maneuver through this jingle-filled realm of tech-savvy robots, quirky elves, and deceitful faces, can our intrepid duo save the day? Dive into a heart-thumping, laugh-out-loud Christmas adventure perfect for kids aged 9-12!

Why “The Great Christmas Rescue” Stands Out:

Apart from being an electrifying adventure, this Christmas tale is a beacon of awareness, addressing pressing topics like bullying and society’s growing inclination towards robotics. It’s not merely a story but a conversation starter for young minds. Furthermore, readers can dive deeper into the universe of Aria & Liam through striking illustrations and scene depictions available on the book’s official website and social media platforms.

Journey through the Series:

For those unfamiliar, Aria & Liam have been taking young readers on incredible voyages across time and place. From the mystical tales of ancient Egypt and the secret corridors of Rome to navigating the Atlantis mazes and understanding the Incas’ legacies, there’s no historical mystery this duo hasn’t tackled. And always with an underpinning of laughter and fun.

Aria & Liam middle-grade book series
Aria & Liam with their dig Pingo

The Tales That Came Before:

The Coded Papyrus: A thrilling Egyptian adventure.

Enigma in Rome: Save Caesar and face Rome’s hidden challenges.

The Cursed Empress: Navigate Atlantis’s secrets to break a powerful curse.

The Sun Disk: Race against time to save the Incas.

The Magical Chalice: Spooky thrills in Dracula’s realm.

Though each book is woven with its unique charm, they all celebrate the essence of adventure, friendship, and humor. Aria & Liam is a series of standalone middle-grade books allowing young readers to enjoy each adventure in any order they wish.

Meet the Storyteller:

Coline Monsarrat, a name synonymous with historical wonders and thrilling tales, brings forth another delightful addition to her celebrated middle-grade book series, “Aria & Liam.” Merging her passion for history with vibrant imagination, Coline crafts tales that not only entertain but also impart wisdom, emphasizing the bonds of friendship and life’s invaluable lessons.

In Conclusion:

As winter sets in, there’s no better gift than the promise of a good story, especially one filled with humor, bravery, and the magic of Christmas. “Aria & Liam: The Great Christmas Rescue” is that sparkling ornament on your Christmas tree, waiting to be unwrapped and cherished.

Gift your child a world of adventures this festive season. Dive in! 🎅🎄📚

Pricing & Availability:

RRP (paperback): $6.99. The ebook will be available for FREE across platforms because every child deserves a heartwarming Christmas story. Available at, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Apple, Kobo, Walmart, and more.

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Available in paperback and ebook.

The ebook will be available for FREE across platforms because every child deserves a heartwarming Christmas story.

  • North Pole
  • ISBN (paperback): 978-1-959814-13-9
  • ISBN (ebook): 978-1-959814-14-6
  • Reading age: 8-12 years old