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Back to School, Back to Adventure with Aria & Liam - Coline Monsarrat’s Historical Fiction Series is a Must-Read This Fall

Children are effortlessly transported into historical adventures packed with worldly wisdom and life lessons without even realizing it, thanks to Aria & Liam’s captivating and enjoyable journeys.

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September 25th, 2023

Labor Day has officially passed, Halloween Decor is on every shelf in every store, and children head back to school for yet another year to enrich their young minds. This time of year, parents find themselves wondering what their child is reading, if it is educational, and the lessons being taught in reading material. However, one Author’s hit series is captivating both children and parents alike for its daring adventures, historical lessons, and core values. Aria & Liam, the historical fiction series by Coline Monsarrat is the ultimate must-read for children ages 8-12 this fall, and readers can now enjoy the entire series with the Complete Adventure List.  

Aria & Liam follows the thrilling adventures of two 13-year-old best friends whose curiosity ignites unforgettable journeys, filled with historical epochs and enigmatic cities, where every turn holds the promise of adventure. From ancient Egypt to Rome, the Inca Empire, and everywhere in between, Aria & Liam navigate through each journey with a solid foundation of friendship, camaraderie, and selflessness.

As school returns and new friends are made, Aria & Liam provide an insightful framework for friendship within the context of ancient world history, guiding young minds to find their passion for history while adopting valuable interpersonal skills. The series can be enjoyed in any order to give readers the freedom of choice rather than in sequence, and each book in the series is available in paperback, ebook, and audiobook. The Complete Adventure List for any young reader this fall includes every book in the series:

Aria & Liam with Pingo showing books
Aria & Liam with their dog Pingo


The Coded Papyrus: A thrilling Egyptian adventure.

Enigma in Rome: Save Caesar and face Rome’s hidden challenges.

The Cursed Empress: Navigate Atlantis’s secrets to break a powerful curse.

The Sun Disk: Race against time to save the Incas.

The Magical Chalice: Spooky thrills in Dracula’s realm.

Aria & Liam is a series of standalone middle-grade books allowing young readers to enjoy each adventure in any order they wish.

“In crafting the Aria & Liam series, I aimed to create a bridge connecting the past’s profound wisdom to the present, leveraging history’s lessons to enrich our lives today. I intend to make history accessible and intriguing, especially for young people. Through the thrilling escapades of two inseparable friends, I wanted to emphasize the value of camaraderie, resilience, and humor. It’s a personal reflection of how I perceive life—never a solo journey, always a shared adventure, where humor is our faithful companion, making even the most challenging times enjoyable.” – Coline Monsarrat

Through proof of concept, dedication to authenticity, and unwavering commitment to enriching the imagination of children everywhere, Coline Monsarrat and Apicem Publishing’s purpose-driven vision has come to fruition. 

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About Coline Monsarrat

Coline Monsarrat is a children’s author with Apicem Publishing and the creator of the Aria & Liam adventure series. Holding a feverish passion for history and an enthusiastic and dedicated sense of storytelling, Coline challenges the status quo to usher in a new era of fun, history-rich stories for children. The Aria & Liam historical fiction series is the brilliant intersection of history, adventure, humor, and friendships. From Egypt to Rome, the lost city of Atlantis, and the ancient Inca Empire, Aria & Liam take readers on an unforgettable journey full of valuable historical content and life lessons. Coline’s books all embody a similar essence – a tale of adventure, bravery, and friendship set against a backdrop of a breathtaking emotional journey.

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