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Aria and Liam in fear in their adventure "The Baker Street Mystery"

The Baker Street Mystery

1900’s England

Join Aria and Liam in this exciting adventure as they unravel a cryptic case to rescue the legendary Sir Arthur Conan Doyle!

Aria & Liam in The Coded Papyrus

The Coded Papyrus

Ancient Egypt

Get ready to travel back in time with us to the Kingdom of Ramses II, where we found ourselves stranded and tasked with a mission to save his kingdom!

Enigma in Rome

Roman Empire

Join Aria & Liam as they journey through ancient Rome, from the lavish homes of ambitious senators to the treacherous arena of the Coliseum.

The Cursed Empress


Get ready for an epic rollercoaster ride with our brand-new escapade, The Cursed Empress! Join us as we dive headfirst into a nail-biting quest to rescue the island from total chaos. 

Aria & Liam, The Sun Disk

The Sun Disk

Inca Empire

Join Aria & Liam on a thrilling mission to save the legendary Golden City of the Incas, Paititi, from the clutches of destruction! It is a rollercoaster ride you will not regret!

Aria & Liam in The Magic Chalice

The Magic Chalice


Embark on a daring adventure in Wallachia to confront the real Dracula and unveil his darkest secret! Can they turn him human and liberate the realm with the Magic Chalice? A spine-tingling, humorous adventure awaits young readers!

Aria & Liam in The Great Christmas Rescue

The Great Christmas Rescue

North pole

Christmas in jeopardy? Aria and Liam are on the case! Race against time, dodge icy traps and unveil North Pole mysteries. Discover a thrilling Christmas tale full of laughter and unexpected twists!

Aria & Liam riding a horse in The Druids' Secret

The Druids' Secret

Medieval England

Leap into legend in this new adventure where Aria & Liam respond to the call from none other than Merlin. Discover a magical quest to recover Excalibur and reshape history!

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