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Exploring New Horizons: The Impact of Adventure Middle-Grade Books in the Classroom

Aria & Liam running in the middle-grade book "Enigma in Rome"

A Gateway to Empathy and Cognitive Resilience

Middle-grade books, especially those that whisk readers away on adventures, have the power to stretch the imagination and bolster cognitive development. Neuroscientist Ali Hazelwood has articulated the benefits of reading fiction as it relates to empathy and the Default Mode Network (DMN) exercise, which includes brain regions responsible for memory and self-referential thought. Adventure books, by virtue of their immersive nature, engage this network and can encourage young readers to consider perspectives beyond their own—fostering a deeper sense of empathy and understanding.

Classics and New Treasures

Aria & Liam running with Pingo in "The Cursed Empress"

Modern middle-grade classics, both time-tested and newly minted, serve as a shared cultural touchstone that transcends generations. Stories that center on friendship, adventure, and the power of narratives resonate with readers and teachers alike, offering a common ground for discussion and shared experiences. Adventure middle-grade books are not just tales to be consumed; they’re experiences to be lived and lessons to be learned.

The Journey of 'Aria & Liam'

Leading the way in adventure middle-grade literature is Coline Monsarrat’s time-travel series ‘Aria & Liam.’ This series exemplifies the thrill of adventure as a catalyst for growth and education. Monsarrat herself encapsulates the philosophy of her writing, “Life is an adventure: much like scaling a mountain where we encounter both ups and downs. As we embark on these life journeys, we are presented with invaluable opportunities to obtain profound lessons about life and self-discovery.”

Benefits in the Classroom

In the classroom, adventure middle-grade books serve as powerful tools for teachers. These books provide natural scaffolding for discussions about character development, plot analysis, and the application of themes to real-world situations. By examining the challenges faced by characters like Aria and Liam, students can reflect on their personal obstacles and consider new methods of problem-solving.

Adventure middle-grade books are not just pages to be turned but bridges to be crossed, leading young readers into the heart of learning and personal development. They are an invitation to journey through the unknown, to learn about oneself and the world, and to emerge more resilient, empathetic, and informed. As educators and guardians of young minds, let us embrace the adventure and guide our students on this extraordinary odyssey of growth and discovery.

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Explore the Aria & Liam book series

From the quiet island of Sommetville to the echoing corridors of history, Aria and Liam have faced mysteries spanning eras, civilizations, and legends. Whether it’s outwitting ancient gods, unearthing Roman conspiracies, or sailing to lost civilizations, their adventures always come with a generous sprinkle of humor and a big dash of adventures.