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A World of Stories: Celebrating Diversity in Middle-Grade Fiction

Aria & Liam walking with their friends in Atlantis

In the heart of every child’s library, middle-grade fiction like “Aria & Liam” by Coline Monsarrat serves as a crucial crossroad between imagination and the real world. These books are not just tales of adventure but vibrant portals to diverse cultures and histories. In “Aria & Liam,” the characters’ skin colors and cultures are as varied as the historical landscapes they traverse, echoing the diversity of our global community.

Monsarrat’s vision for Apicem Publishing was clear: to create books that mirror the world’s diversity, fostering a sense of unity and acceptance. “Our stories are crafted to celebrate differences and to underline that diversity enriches our lives,” says Monsarrat.

The inclusion of diverse characters living harmoniously is a deliberate step towards dismantling racism. Literature has the power to familiarize the unfamiliar and to convert the unknown into the known. It teaches young readers to embrace diversity, not as something to be merely tolerated but as something to be actively celebrated.

Aria & Liam with their friends at school

When children see characters from various backgrounds sharing joy, facing challenges, and succeeding together, it plants the seeds for a future of inclusivity. Books like “The Secret Battle of Evan Pao” share this mission, offering windows into experiences different from one’s own, thereby cultivating open-mindedness and peace among the youth of today and the leaders of tomorrow.

In a world where fear of the ‘other’ can lead to division, children’s books are the peacemakers, the educators, and the silent revolutionaries. They hold the promise of a world where diversity is not just seen but is understood and appreciated as the foundation of a harmonious global society.

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